Drug and Alcohol Testing Services

Why is it important to perform drug and alcohol screens?

According to the Drug-Free Workplace Advisor, the vast majority of drug users are employed. In fact, a research study, conducted in 2005, found that 12.9 million of the 17.2 million illicit drug users, age 18 and older, are employed either in full-time or part-time positions. These numbers show that nearly 75% of adult drug users are working! Furthermore, research has shown that 10-20 percent of the nation’s workers who die on the job test positive for alcohol and/or other drugs. Are these people working for you?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) strongly supports comprehensive drug-free workforce programs, especially within certain workplace environments, such as those involving safety-sensitive duties like operating machinery. Advanced Health Services stands behind OSHA’s ideology and therefore conducts an array of drug and alcohol screenings for both non-DOT and DOT job positions.

Don’t let drugs or alcohol affect your business. Maintain productivity and keep your employees safe by performing the necessary tests to ensure that your business is substance free. Contact us today to set up a screening process for your company!

What types of tests do we offer at Advanced Health Services?

  • Pre-Employment: this type of test is conducted before hiring a job applicant to ensure the potential employee is not using.
  • Post-Accident: any tests completed after a workplace accident to determine whether alcohol and/or other drugs were a factor.
  • Random: these tests are unscheduled and unannounced. Randomly selected employees can be tested for drugs and/or alcohol.
  • Reasonable Suspicion: a test of this nature is completed when a company supervisor observes behaviors that are characteristic of alcohol or drug misuse.
  • Return-to-Work: employers can choose to test an employee for alcohol and/or drugs after the employee has been out of work for a period of time.
  • Follow-Up: this testing is mandated by a substance abuse professional who has been evaluating an employee for substance abuse. There is a minimum of six tests in the 12 months and follow-up testing can last for years depending on the professional administering the treatment.

What types of screenings do we offer at Advanced Health Services?

  • Drug Screen Collections: we can collect and send a urine specimen to a vast number of laboratories.
  • Rapid Response Drug Screens: our collectors can test urine samples in our lab, here at Advanced Health Services. This gives our clients quick results for their employees’ screenings.
  • Breath Alcohol Tests: both DOT and non-DOT tests are conducted by certified breath alcohol technicians.
  • MRO Services: at Advanced Health Services, we have two certified Medical Review Officers on staff.