Wellness Programs

Since the majority of adults spend a vast amount of their waking hours at the workplace, the creation of an environment and culture that promotes healthy lifestyles is key for organizational leaders. One of the best ways to promote such a lifestyle is to provide an annual wellness program for your company. Wellness programs not only provide major benefits to the employees, they can help to drastically reduce an employer’s healthcare expenses.

Our online wellness programs utilize the platform created by Healthy Company Alliance (HCA). With the HCA program, our clients have access to a wide variety of health resources and tools. With such tools at hand, employees have the ability to make positive changes in their health status by participating in yearlong programs and challenges. You can use this online platform to engage your employees in healthy behaviors which can be tied to incentives for participation. These incentives can be prizes, earned time off, gift cards, or they can be tied to your insurance premiums.

Regardless of how you choose to implement a program, know that our experienced team can help you to build a model that is right for you. We are excited to help you improve the health and well-being of your workforces.