Health Risk Appraisals

Advanced Health Services utilizes the wellness company Healthy Company Alliance (HCA) in order to provide optimal wellness to our clients. Through HCA, employees are able to complete an annual health risk appraisal which combines an innovative lifestyle questionnaire with complete biometric inputs. The survey is offered through an integrated online solution that is secure and confidential.

After completion of the questionnaire, employees are given a detailed report of their results and risk factors. The individual report can help individuals identify the areas they need to focus on improving or areas where lifestyle changes may be needed. Additionally, company officials are provided with an aggregate report highlighting the highs and lows of their population’s health status. The group report can be very beneficial in making decisions regarding the direction and focus of your wellness program. No individual data can be identified in a group report.

Please note, the appraisal is designed to be compliant with all current medical and privacy regulations.