Health Fairs

Onsite wellness fairs can be a great way to bring health awareness to your employee population. These fairs can help to establish baseline information about the healthiness or unhealthiness of an employee base and will, in turn, provide detail about areas in which organizations can help their employees improve upon. In addition to providing a vast amount of knowledge for the employer, employees will also be enlightened about their current health status. Knowing one’s individual status can have a huge impact in the cultivating of necessary lifestyle changes.

At Advanced Health Services, we are able to provide onsite health fairs to companies with any number of employees. Our services include providing health information, assessing biometric measurements (current weight, body fat and hip to waist ratio) testing for cholesterol and glucose, as well as offering health risk appraisals. We can work with you to tailor a health fair to meet your company’s requirements. Please contact Advanced Health Services at 913-360-5829 to see how we can help you and your organization!