Injury Clinics

What are Injury Clinics?

Advanced Health Services provides injury clinic coverage to area high schools and middle schools twice a week. What this means is that a certified athletic trainer comes to the school and evaluates athletes who have sustained an injury at practice or during a game. The athletic trainer assesses the problem and makes recommendations to the athlete on how to care for and rehabilitate the injury. The trainer may also recommend limiting practice or participation in games until further recovery or evaluation occurs. If the trainer feels that the athlete needs to be referred to a physician for further evaluation, the trainer will help work to help make this happen. During these clinics, lines of communication will always be open. The trainer will communicate athlete progress with the parents, coaches, and school officials so that all are continually aware of the athlete’s status.

When are Injury Clinics?

Depending on your school district, injury clinics are offered on different dates and times. Please check with your athletic director to obtain the schedule. Athletes are asked to sign up to see the trainer, in order to help keep the process running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

During the fall sports season, there are additional injury clinics offered on Saturday mornings. These are for all athletes, particularly those injured during a Friday night football game. We hate to see an injury go untreated through the weekend, so this gives our athletes the ability to get a jump on recovery through a variety of rehabilitative services. These clinics are great for any mild issue as well. If we can head off a chronic injury by treating it early, that is always best.

Parent Information

Parents, you can track your athlete’s injury status by signing them up in our ATS software system. Click the link below to get you and your athlete signed up in our software. This is a great tool for communicating with the trainer and staying on top of your athlete’s injuries and participation status. You can always reach an athletic trainer at Advanced Health Services by calling 913-360-5829 . We are here to help.