Game Coverage

Advanced Health Services provides game coverage for Atchison High School, Jefferson County North, Maur Hill-Mount Academy, Pleasant Ridge, and Oskaloosa High School. Coverage is provided for home varsity athletic events based on a contract agreement.

Coverage includes having a certified athletic trainer available to help with taping, bracing and stretching prior to game time. The trainer will then be present on the sideline, or bench, to help care for any injury that may occur during the athletic event. The trainer will make the determination if an athlete can return to play should an injury occur during the athletic event.

Following the game, the trainer will evaluate and care for any injuries that need follow up care. If a need for referral to physician or ER arises, the trainer will coordinate with the parent, if present, and athletic director.

If your school is interested in game coverage, please contact the Atchison Hospital Sports Medicine office at (913)360-5829.