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Advanced Health Services is an occupational medicine and sports medicine clinic located in Atchison, KS. We are able to serve businesses, and schools in the communities throughout the northeast region of Kansas, as well as areas in Nebraska and Missouri.

Advanced Health Services specializes in Sports Medicine and sees all non-surgical musculoskeletal orthopedic injuries. Seeing anything from sports injuries to arthritic joints.

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Procedure Highlight

PNT: Treatment for Chronic Tendon Pain​

Dr. Pam Rizza, who practices sports medicine at Atchison Hospital, helps patients suffering from chronic tendon pain using an innovative procedure known as percutaneous needle tenotomy (PNT). This minimally invasive procedure removes scar tissue on the tendon and promotes healing, allowing patients to get back to living their lives with significantly less pain in a short amount of time.

PNT: Treatment for Chronic Tendon Pain
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Watch Dr. Pam Rizza explain the PNT procedure at a recent Lunch and Learn presentation.